59th DGR Addendum 1

IATA Brings joy to the DG world ;-)         



For all of you that missed out on making Christmas decorations IATA has saved the day;-) They just issued the first addendum to the 59th edition DGR that goes into effect 01Jan18. Bring out your scissors and glue and update your manuals, as it's not current without the addendums being worked into it. There are several ways of doing this but remeber to update the log on the first pages, so it's easy to verify should an inspection come your way.


Apart from the standard operator variations the most significant addendums are those reflecting the "smart luggage" restrictions coming into effect 15 Jan 2018 (as read about in an earlier post). There are also changes to the number of battery powered Portable Electronic Devices and spare batteries you can carry onboard a flight.


Click here to download your copy.


Happy New Year!!



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Smart Luggage, is it a smart X-mas gift?

u.1.Smart_Luggage_200.jpgSmart Luggage, is it a smart choice? 

If you are planning to buy smart luggage for Christmas, make sure you buy the right kind otherwise you will not feel very smart trying to board a flight after  January 15, 2018!


Smart luggage are pieces of luggage that powered by a lithium battery can act as charging station for other electronic devices, they have GPS tracking capabilities and can even weigh themselves (don't show that feature to airline staff). But are they a smart choice for todays travellers? yes, BUT only if you can remove the battery. In early December American Airlines, Delta and Alaskan announced that they will be banned from the cabin or cargo hold unless the battery can be removed. Last week Quantas and Virgin Autralia followed and United and Southwest are expected to follow soon. The ban will take effect on Jaunary 15. IATA are expected to issue industry standards soon which will most likeley make the ban valid for all IATA members. Read more



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Holiday Travel

 Holiday Travels.

Are you planning a trip for the holiday season? If you have flight after New Years there are some new regulations on how many PEDs (Portable Electronic Devices) and spare Batteries that you can bring. The new rules coming into effect January 1st stipulate that you may only bring 15 PEDs and 20 spare Batteries with you. If you have more you’ll have to ask the airline for permission. The restriction apply to all types of batteries. Read more


Safe Travels!

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